The 25th Annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair Highlights from a Designer

As an Interior Designer I find that a huge part of what keeps the industry going is the constant cycle of trends and products. Recently I was fortunate enough to attend the 24th Annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Javits Convention Center which features designers and products from all around the world. Having this connection to designers from all over is such a dynamic part of the industry because it allows a break out of different cultures, beauty and design to influence us here in the US. Now I would like to give you insight to some of the products and manufactures which really struck me. I hope you enjoy!

Craig Jenkins Designs

When I first came across this fiery red chandelier from Craig Jenkins Designs I immediately did a double take realizing that the small red pendants were in fact red peppers! What a fun exciting and appetizing creation, this would be the perfect piece to liven up any eating area and would definitely get those taste buds going. The people whom make the products at Craig Jenkins Designs are true artisan; all of the pieces are handmade in Italy which I find fascinating to believe. Items can even be tweaked to cater to clients specific needs; a company who truly defines the spirit of craftsmanship and individuality.

Sublime Living

How majestic are these Ice panels from Sublime living? Not only are they beautiful but versatile and durable as well. They can be applied in both residential and commercial settings as space dividers, ceiling panels, water walls, free standings panels and inlays; here it is shown as a table surface. The material is formed from a unique combination of Sublime color tones with a crystalline structure when the light hits it, it is reflecting as it absorbs creating the illusion of the light dancing across the surface. It is available in a mirage of custom colors as well as textures applicable on either one or both sides.

Tomomi Sayuda

This is an enchanting lighting series I was struck by called “Daydream” which in my opinion couldn’t be a better description. All of the fixtures are handmade in London, composed by colorful organic shaped sculptures inspired by the blooming flowers in the spring. The way in which the light seeps through the colored hand woven paper gives off a really charming effect one not mistaken to the allure of blooming flowers in the spring; the artist could not have done a better job in captivating this experience. What a delightful way to bring light into a space.

Espacio, Sami Hayek

This is the Mestizo Credenza from Espacio; a hardwood in a high gloss lacquer finish which features hand laid beaded motifs. The authentic pattern is handcrafted by the indigenous Huichol people of western central Mexico. This piece is an excellent showcase of how new world materials can be integrated seamlessly into old world methods. His design philosophy is “based on an ongoing dialogue of powerful thoughts and moments in time translated into colors, textures, forms and compositions.” This extremely cultured collection offers a strong connection between local traditions in global cultures in turn creating a line which directly enhances life, feelings, and senses bringing meaning to all spaces creating a real experience.

Do you feel like you have experienced more culture through design already? If so please let me know…

I am constantly trying to infuse new design ideas and cultural depth into all of my projects because it is all in the details.

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