The 41 Madison Avenue Tabletop Event by NY Cottages & Gardens

I was honored to be asked by New York Cottages & Gardens Magazine, to be one of the four designers to design a table for the Tabletop Event at 41 Madison Avenue.  Connecticut is renowned for its exquisite country setting, yet we love our bling and glamour. This tabletop design features the magnificent wonders of Mother Nature, with the organic designs of the table, chairs and candlesticks. The fuchsia color and glistening metallic fabrics and finishes introduce the trends in Women’s fashion, so that your favorite party dress would look great at this table setting. Hope you like the table design!

John Waski Design, LLC

This design sketch by John Waski Design, evolved out of my love affair with Mother Nature. The table, chairs and dandelion sculptures, are perfect examples of how the details of Mother Nature are so beautiful.

Architectural Minerals

The crystal rock by Architectural Minerals, brings a natural bling to this table. I designed the placemats with a patent leather fuchsia base, and with a metallic mesh fabric on top, for a pop of color and texture. The contemporary patterned salad plate and fuchsia bowl, add just the right amount of contemporary edge to this place setting.

Tabletop Design

I love the canopy of orchids, wild grass and branches cascading over the jumbo size silver urn. It is like sitting in a magical forest.

Forty-One Madison Avenue Tabletop Event

The large dandelion and leaf sculptures are a marvelous study, in how a mundane plant can be so exquisite. This is a perfect table setting for lover’s of Mother Nature, to escape into an outdoor fantasy.

Mother Nature is the definition of It’s all in the details.

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  1. Great work. It was a pleasure to be involved.

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