Five Stages of an Interior Designer’s “Extreme Makeover”

Governor Residence CT – Guest House

You are probably familiar with the show, “Extreme Makeover”; the show where Ty Pennington and his crew totally renovate a house for a family in need.

When 13 interior designers assembled, by invitation only, as “The People’s Project,” we felt the same way because we essentially did the same thing to the Governor’s Residence in Connecticut from an interior design point of view. Built in 1909 as a private home and purchased by the state in 1943, the Georgian-Style house had seen better days.  We had no budget and little time, but immediately got to work.

My assignment was the guesthouse, a red brick cottage with a steeply pitched slate roof. From the outside it was the cutest little thing you had ever seen, a Hansel and Gretel house; but inside was another story. Here are the five stages of my interior design “Extreme Makeover.”

1. I decided a coat of citrus green paint would bring the room back to life.

2. All the moldings were painted a high-gloss white, which contrasted beautifully with the walls and created the illusion that everything belonged.

3. There were architectural details in the built-in bookcase which are brought out by the contrast of colors.

4. After scavenging discarded furniture from the basement, I painted it in white gloss.

5. Bold floral fabric donated by Schumacher & Co. went on chairs and sofas.

My story of the renovation to the guest house at the Governor’s Residence can be viewed in the New Canaan Daily which was sent to me by my friends in New Canaan, CT at Images & Details Inc.

There has not been an interior design challenge that I have not met. I am proud of the way my colleagues met the challenges of the Connecticut Governor’s Residence.

Do these examples give you ideas of rooms in your house that might need an interior design “extreme makeover”?

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