5 pieces that prove “it’s all in the details”

My goal as an interior designer is to create the “wow” factor in every room I design. Although you might think that means you have to look for pieces that make a big statement, I’m struck by pieces that capture your attention with lots of brilliant little details. That’s why my interior design philosophy is “it’s all in the details.”

Now, I’m going to prove it with 5 pieces of handmade art with individual signatures of the artists who made them that cannot be duplicated.  For different reasons, they would all be great additions to a home but each proves “it’s all in the details.”

This handmade mirror from Adonis Pauli is a unique creation from a craftsman. Each piece is individually designed. No two are the same. They are designed to reflect personality, emotions and a desire to search and find objects of elegance that bring luxury into a room.

This hand screened wallpaper from Flavor Paper is founded on the concept of customized, personal wallpaper.

It proves wallpaper can be anything you can imagine it to be. If you like the pattern of a favorite dress, you can repeat it in a room.

If you have a windowless basement and want to give it a view like you saw on your vacation to Hawaii they can create it. As long as you can imagine it they can make it into wallpaper.


This photo of hand coat hooks doesn’t do Nick Davis’ work justice. Nick produces bronze furniture and sculpture in his studio-foundry in Buckinghamshire, England. Movement, emotion and atmosphere are central to his work. How cool they look all together when Nick made a study of hands into hooks.

What a great way to make a mud room look stylish. It may even inspire your child to hang up their coats. It goes back to my love for functional art and the idea that pieces in a room can be both beautiful and purposeful.

This WAVE armchair from Manulution is the work of some of the most talented professional designers in the Balkans region, who find inspiration in traditional designs. They source sustainably exploited local hardwoods (e.g. walnut, cherry, maple, elm, ash, and oak) and use modern technology to process them. Exceptionally skilled craftsmen apply traditional hand-carving techniques to modern furniture designs and finish each piece by hand in natural and ecologically friendly finishes.

Two separate pieces of carved wood end up making this light airy chair with the carvings in it. It’s actually hollow in the center. If you had a beach house, you could use this to get a real “wow” factor without needing to worry about textiles and is light and breezy. Look at what’s all in the details.

A final piece of proof is this Picasso coffee table from Silas Seandel with a cantilevered glass top.  Traditional or contemporary, it can work in almost any setting.

The cantilevered glass is the sort of thing that draws you in. It makes you want to run your hand over it to see what it actually feels like. It’s an organic shape great for a house near the beach because it is reminiscent of beach dunes and windswept sand.

The details are what interior design means for me.  You can see more of what I mean by clicking here.  Does this prove “it’s all in the details” to you?

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my table on your blog. I really appreciate it and I’m glad you like it. I recently joined Houzz & Pinterest and I would love to connect with you there.

    Thanks so much
    Silas Seandel


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