6 Examples Show Why a Drapery Rod is Not Window Dressing

Rule #1 for a drapery rod in my book:  Do not select it merely to draw attention to the windows or the drapes.

In fact, don’t even call it a drapery rod.  It’s window hardware because it does more.  It brings out the decor in the room by relating to the architecture, furniture and fabrics as well as the type of drapery.

Need proof?  Here are 6 examples that show why window hardware is not window dressing.

Example #1:  The hammered nickel  finish of this hardware from Houles has a clean sleek profile which would look great in a contemporary setting.

Example #2:  This hardware from Jonathan Browning has a very organic natural feeling with the carving that looks like something that could have been picked up in the woods.

Example #3:  I LOVE this one from Van Gregory and Norton.  It makes me smile because it looks like a  hat, straight out of the horse race from My Fair Lady.

Example #4:  The graphic bold silhouette of this hardware has the natural profile of coral or a leaf which are very prevalent in the textile designs today, also from Van Norton and Gregory.

Example 5:  This hardware from the Robert Allen Blome collection reminds me of a glamorous tuxedo and almost looks like it could be a walking stick, I can just see Cary Grant swinging it from side to side with a swagger.

Example #6:  This piece again by the Oasi Bloom collection from Robert Allen would be stunning in a Parisian style apartment with quilted leather tuxedo chairs.  This has a timeless classic feel of a channel suite.

Do you look at a drapery rod a little differently now?

I love what I do because I get the chance to work with you and make the form, function and style of pieces in a room come to life by balancing them with their surroundings.

If you’d like to see some examples of my work, I think you’ll understand why I believe it’s all in the details.

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