An Affordable Interior Design Trend is Looking Up

Want to make a quick, dramatic change in a room over a weekend?  Why not try wallpaper or painting on your ceiling in a bold color?

It’s an easy, cost-conscious way to transform a space, whatever style your home may be. To prove it to you, here are some fun and affordable ways it’s been done.

Sara Story

This Mauve Pink color placed on the ceiling has been inspired by a piece of artwork that hangs in the kitchen.  With this paint added on the ceiling it has created such a lively space which after all is what a kitchen should feel like.

Amanda Nisbet

On the contrary, this image shows how you can take elements and colors from the actual design of a space and place it on the ceiling.

 Colleen Locke

In this space you can see how the designer was consistent with the design and the ceiling, it all reads as a cohesive color pallet. The print on the ceiling really draws your attention up and has a very interesting look.

David Cafiero

I love the colors that are used in this bedroom. This shows how you can use a bold and solid color in the design of the room and break it up, by placing a complex pattern on the ceiling. This is so interesting to me because typically patterns are what are seen on fabrics, but here all of the print has been placed on the ceiling of the room what a fun look!

Jordan Guide

In this eccentric living room, you can see how color has been used on all five walls, throughout the entire space. The flooring and intense crown molding are both black and tie together the look of the room. The real punch can be seen in the aqua glossy blue on the walls, with the yellow gold that is on the ceiling, which corresponds with the gold trim on the blue wall panels. This is a great example of how to use intense color consistently to create a fabulous bold room.

Christina Murphy

I love how contrasting this room is, if you were to take away the orange in the ceiling the space would be entirely neutral with blacks and browns. This shows how you can completely liven up a space by adding just one fun color to the ceiling.

Does this cause you to look at the ceilings in your home a little differently?

I’ve been a big fan of this affordable way to transform a room for some time.  Here are some of the ways I’ve transformed a room.

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