How an airplane hangar was given an extreme home makeover

I hope you had a good weekend.  I spent an unforgettable Saturday working on a Red and White Ball for the Greenwich Chapter of American Red Cross.

Our challenge: Transform the interior of a NetJet hangar.  We began first thing in the morning so, by Saturday night, the jet hangar was the setting for a gala event.  It was an undertaking like the show, Extreme Home Makeover, only for a jet hangar.

I was one of 30+ designers to design one of the 30+ tablescapes for the event.  Since every table had to be different, I figured I’d come up with an idea no one would think of duplicating.  Since tables have legs, my design would too.  So I made the centerpiece a can-can dancer’s legs with a red skirt and white petticoat made of carnations.

Since pictures tell a thousand words, let me show you how the table came together.  It’s the same way I design a room.  Start with a sketch and then sweat every detail.  That’s why my interior design philosophy is “it’s all in the details.”  Let’s take a look.

Sketch of tablescape

Painting the toenails of the famous can-can dancer

Putting fishnet stockings and shoes on the dancer

Packing the oasis around the body and putting in the white carnations for a petticoat

Setting the table

Completed tablescape 1

Completed tablescape 2

The event was a great success and I’m grateful to have given my time and services for the American Red Cross.  They’re the first to come to our rescue whenever there is an unforeseen emergency or natural disaster and they are always there.

I design the interior of homes more often than tables. For examples of my work, click here.

Many other people and companies contributed their time, services and materials in this effort too.  You should check out their work at:

LCRwestport (They helped with the selection of the china, crystal & silverware from their spectacular selection of products. Nancy Joseph was invaluable in the design and setup of the tabletop.)

Samuel & Sons (they provided tassels for the tablecloth)

DUC-Interiors/TripleS (they made the tablecloth)

Sterling Custom Cabinetry (they made the wood base for the mannequin legs)

Stark Fabric (they donated the Missoni fabric for the tablecloth)

Don’t you wish you were there? Well, there’s next year.  I’m already looking forward to it.

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