Art On The Walls!

The typical go to when designing a room is painting the walls and then selecting pieces to hang, I have come across some marvelous artisans and companies whom create art that can be custom made to meet all of your needs. These manufacturers are just so marvelous in their techniques and ways in which they are able to turn a blank wall into a canvas.


If you are looking for intricately beautiful walls which are elegant in detail then Misha wallpaper is for you. It is an exclusive brand which brings the excellence of transitional craftsmanship into a contemporary lifestyle through the exploration and encounter of heritage and innovation. They offer hand painted wallpaper, natural fibers, furniture and even accessories. These papers are all from their China Classis collection, which incorporates hand painting on silk grounds. This is perfection and reveals traditional Chinoiserie art with birds, flowers and plants; acting as panoramic frescoes.

Boeme Design

Another way in which you can add life to a room is through fabric panels like these from Boeme Design. They embrace digital technology with their master in scale, proportion and color in the creation of these beautiful panels. This is the perfect way in which you can use fabrics in more pictorial ways. One of my favorites which I have shown here is the Spanish garden. It is so beautiful; the three dimensional look as well as the back drop and perspective of the scene would bring such depth and life into any space.

Custom Wallpaper Rollout

All of these papers are from Custom Wallpaper Rollout design x MFG. They offer many artists work, creating endless options that you can choose from. Their design team consists of industry-leading illustrators, photographers and cutting edge graphic artists. They can print the papers to fit into any space offering many customization options and opportunities for any client.

Surface View

If you have a creative idea of your own that you would like to see fabricated; Surface View is for you. They work directly with their clients to use your imagination and their images to create magnificent interiors. They curate and re-master incredible imagery; by cropping and re-scaling 18th century designs they are all about playing with juxtaposition and scale. As you can see here where there was no window, Surface View has created one! I would love the idea of having a family portrait or even grandma’s old recipe put onto a wall; the options are endless with Surface View!

Do you have any ideas of your own now? If you are looking for more inspirational ways to transform you space by using custom designs you can view my work here, and remember it’s all in the details!

If you have any further comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

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