How to Make a Backsplash Come to the Forefront

The dictionary defines “backsplash” as a vertical panel usually of tiles that protects the wall behind the sink or stove.  Certainly, this is true but in my mind a little uninspired.  Trends in backsplashes now range from traditional mosaic, articulated stone to organic, free form layouts.

Let me show you some examples that enliven and inspire what a backsplash can be while also keeping you updated on the most recent trends.


The clean lines and articulated pattern in this backsplash created by Country floors; the Slide Mosaic Collection blends traditional and contemporary, while seamlessly adding a hint of old-world decadence to your space.

I love the shimmer of semi-precious stones like these iridescent mother-of-pearl tesserae, which are harvested from the inner layer of abandoned freshwater oyster, pearl oyster and abalone shells. It is available in silver-white, cream, and black from Paris Ceramics.

The water motion in this pattern called Oasis by Studium, creates a very organic feel; it would be perfect for any beach home.

This mosaic pattern Jacqueline also from Studium, has been modernized by the free form design and raised relief pattern and reminds me why “it’s all in the details” when it comes to choosing a backsplash.

Inspired by traditional textiles but updated with a clean and paired down Geometry, this Granada design by Artistic Tile mixes classic motifs with contemporary style.  Granada adds the elegance of solid stone and the translucent depths of glass, giving it a timeless feeling and a unique contrast.

I believe any piece where its creator has a vision and imagination can be the “WOW” factor in  a room.  Does this convince you that in the kitchen, a backsplash can be a front and center show stopper?

To view more of Catherine’s work CLICK HERE.

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