Bringing the Indoors Out Take Two!

Branching off of the post that I had done last week I wanted to bring in some inspirational images that could get you started on ways in which you can lay out, select fabrics and accessorize your own outdoor spaces!

This outdoor living area is just so eclectic, colorful and quaint! The arrangement and colors are perfect for a small gathering on a summer day. All of the vignettes have been perfectly arranged and the teal screen has literally been able to create the illusion of a room outdoors!Green is a huge color trend that I have been seeing and paired with the bright orange has created such a sunny and cherry look. The combinations of the yellow toned light and dewey orange and green color scheme placed beyond the ocean pool is reminiscent of a sun set, absolutely picture perfect! If you are trying to introduce bright colors like these through textiles, a perfect way to offset it and tone down is to pair with more subtle delicate furniture like you can see here balancing everything out.

If you love fun and bright colors but do not want to be saturated in it, adding a hit of pinks and olives like has been done in this arrangement is for you! Pillows are such a great flexible way to add subtle spice to any seating area. I love the ways in which they have worked off of the beautiful landscape & flowers to pull the colors into the furniture and upholstery.

This dining table is just to die for! I am so in love with the accessories and color arrangement that have been laid out on the table. The colors remind me of peaches and green apples, could not be more fresh and summery! The delicate rod iron coral chandelier hung above adds such a playful look.

Here is another great way that you can add color to a table setting; a mosaic design! They are just so fun and creative. The accent pillows and colored flowers and pots really tie everything together.

If you are looking for a more clean and classic look, this type of arrangement and use of greenery is perfect for you. The green walls along with all of the planters have created a secret garden effect this is just so simplistically beautiful. The clean white linen paired with the straight accents of brown are so effortless and give off an almost European vibe.

If you are one trying to bring your fire place outdoors, this is for you. This here is a way in which a room off of the house has literally been created. The separation of space has been achieved by the separate closed off arrangements. The Living space directly off of the fire place has created an atmosphere where the guests are all facing one another while the dining area has been placed further away in the opposite direction. You can also see the canopy that joins both areas while also providing shelter from the weather. I love the delicate and romanticized furniture that has been paired with the more modern stripes and geometry of the clean lined chairs.

This seating area looks as if it came right out of the movie The Secret Garden. The way in which the wrought iron fencing and greenery engulfs the space, not only provides shelter but such an enchanting and romantic setting. This is also a great way in which you can use outdoor lighting in a subtly yet powerful way. The glowing light of the lanterns almost remind me of fire flies lighting up the space all placed at random yet distinct and dominant.

After having seen these inspirational images I hope that you have been just as inspired as I have about outdoor living areas, and don’t forget it’s all in the details!

Please let me know which are your favorite and for more inspiration you can visit my website Here!

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