As an Interior designer I often find that people tend to focus on bringing the outdoors in, so I have decided to introduce the idea of bringing the indoors out! Often times we are unaware of the ways in which we can approach outdoor spaces, people limit themselves to creating inviting and welcoming environments especially during these summer months where entertaining outdoors is crucial! I would like to focus on showing you how to create fully functional but most importantly beautiful living spaces outdoors, as we must be taking full advantage of that summer sun!

A key component to creating lovely outdoor spaces is the furniture and accessories. They are typically thought of as just being durable with the intent to withstand weather. I have taken a look in to products which are not only this but offer so much more take a look….

De La Espada

These lounge chairs from De La Espada are hand crafted in Portugal and sure do offer one unique seating experience. Their surrounding shell makes for a cozy “nest” for the user to experience. Creating this seating enclosure I find fascinating because it is said that a “nest” keeps you close to your earliest memories, weather placed in the middle of a thunder storm or by the pool on a sunny day it offers a real sense of belonging and space; a comforting feeling to the lounger. With function, meaning and a timeless appeal this chair is definitely a statement piece!

Capricorn collection by Oasiq

For those of you who may be opting for a more lively, funky and modern look for your outdoor living space the Capricorn collection by Oasiq is your go to. They offer a fully functional line that comes in abstract, one of a kind colors, shapes and forms. The red lounger is designed to be easily portable with a back wheel; suitable for easy arrangements accounting for many guests or even for those of you sun worshipers whom follow the sun for optimal lighting.


When I came across the Oval Tortoise Shadow Lantern collection by Brasa I was just blown away, they provide such a remarkable way to bring warmth and ambiance into an outdoor living space. Made from high temperature ceramic and stainless steel they are easily portable, versatile and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Not only this but they can be raised in temperature providing heat; perfect for any chilly night time gathering outdoors. The way in which the light seeps through the holes is reminiscent of a starry night, who wouldn’t want to gather around this lantern to tell ghost stories?


If you are one drawn to classic, elegant and timeless interiors the Massant line is perfect for you! I was amazed at the craft and workmanship shown in their collections of outdoor furniture by. They offer all different styles ranging anywhere from Regency, Louis XVI, Empire, Art Deco and many more. What an amazing idea to be able to take such delicate furniture and create it sturdy enough to be placed outdoors. They fit perfectly into the current trends which feature tailored work and excellence; their identical reproductions of such prestigious and historic designs are astonishing. This line is one I would definitely use in my outdoor living area!

With these options offered to you, which would be your choice for your outdoor living area? Contact me to let me know.

As a designer I find that as always, it’s all in the details and outdoor living spaces should be no exception!

De La Espada




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