When it Comes to Christmas, This Interior Designer’s Philosophy is “Liberace It Up”

What this means is that if it glitter’s, shines or lights up, I am all over it. This is the one time of year when I believe you can forget about the philosophy of “Good taste” and just  let your inner child shine. I am going to share with you some of my favorite do-it-yourself Christmas decorating ideas in my home.

Liberace at his best! If he were my Christmas tree, I would put pink flickering lights on him.

This Christmas tree epitomizes what I love about decorating the tree. I have collected ornaments for many, many years, so this tree has a vast assortment of styles, colors and shapes. Each ornament has a meaning, whether it was a gift given to me, or something that appealed to me during sometime in my life. My favorite memory as a child was laying on the floor in my Living Room looking up at the big colored lights. I thought that they were the prettiest thing’s that I had ever seen. When I decided to use these big colored lights, it was to fulfill my childhood memories; they still thrill me.

This is my ‘Elvis Presley’ tree. It is decorated in purple/gold, lights and ornaments.

My gingerbread house is designed around the idea of the infamous board game, Candyland, to fulfill a child’s fantasy of where they would like to live. The door and window’s are made from melted lemon drops and I have rigged a light inside the house so that you can turn it on and make the door and window’s glow. There is cotton candy coming out of the chimney for the smoke. I have to keep smacking the back of my husband’s hand so he does not try to steal the candy roof tiles.

My table scape is based on a Winter wonderland. I have used elements from mother nature, which include the wood charger’s, birch bark, elk horn, pine cones, birds, icicles and snow. I like to give my guest’s a party favor, so the chocolate on the dinner plates is the mold of a large acorn.

My favorite gift to give during the holidays are my homemade rum balls. I like to take parts from old wreaths and Christmas decorations and reinvent them as the toppers for my gift boxes.

I covered this large vase with the combination of chestnuts and moss. I then filled it with evergreens and holly.

I made this wall hanging with evergreens, pheasant feathers, pine cones and ornaments to hang above the fireplace.

I look forward to the holidays and I imagine you do too. But even when I “Liberace It Up,” great Christmas decorations remind me of great interior design; “it’s all in the details.”

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  1. We hope you had a wonderful holiday season in your lovely home.

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