How Cleare Interiors Floored Martha Stewart Living

I’ve talked a lot about floors so far this year.  In fact, I’ve done three blog posts.  I’ve written:

Rethinking Wood Floors: On wood stencils to give the expensive look of parquet flooring without the expense and upheaval.

There’s Nothing Faux about Painted Floor Rugs: On painting a rug image on the floor of heavy trafficked areas to minimize wear,tear and upkeep.

How an Interior Designer Goes With and Against the Grain:  On the latest trends in flooring, planking colors and finishes.

Why am I so obsessed with floors?  Because:

  • They are a major expense and don’t always have to be
  • There are so many practical and innovative solutions
  • They are natural and I am Infatuated with Mother Nature

It was quite an honor recently to be contacted by Martha Stewart Living to be on their radio show; even more gratifying to be chosen for my experience in spotting trend setting designs.

So what do you think we talked about?  You guessed it.  Floors.

Here is the 1st of 3 segments.  It’s a show and tell where I tell and they show examples.  Listen and see if it gives you an idea or two about what you could do in your home and maybe save quite a bit in the process too.

Just click the video below and then go to My YouTube Channel to view the remaining segments.

I thank Martha Stewart Living for giving me my first floor show.  If the floor show peaked your interest, a fuller portfolio can be seen on my website.

Did Martha Stewart Living and I give you any ideas about the floors in your house?

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