Color: HOW TO!

I often find that people are afraid to use color in bold and dramatic ways but I have decided to take the time to show you ways in which fellow designers have transformed rooms using energetic and bright color schemes. This sure will be a pretty one!


For simple pops of color this interior shown in Veranda magazine explains quite simply how you can use an all white space and spice it up by adding a touch of your favorite color. This would look great with any burst of color; I could picture these benches done in pink or green as well!

Mary McDonald

This Space done by Mary McDonald uses fuchsia pinks and navies added with white. She has created such a great and alluring vibrant look. Despite sticking to such a simple color scheme of two colors the room really pops to me, so marvelous!

Elizabeth Martin

This space done by Elizabeth Martin is another example of how you can use a color scheme of two colors in different shades and hues while not being too “matchey-matchey”. I love how she has used the green and teals and paired it with the soft lavenders and little pop of pink!

Elle Décor

Here is another interior which has been featured by Elle Décor using a complementary color scheme of pinks and greens added to whites. All of the romanticized delicate moldings and details in the architecture are really brought to life with the sleek clean lined furniture and refreshing colors. What an excellent way to update and modernize a rococo room!

John Barman

This space by John Barman is just to die for! If you are dealing with an all white space here is a perfect example of how you can use few colors to create such a bold setting. The aqua and mustard in combination with the fuchsia pink are just dynamite, I can only imagine the energy you would feel in this space especially with the amazing view!

I am just so obsessed with color and even more importantly when it is done right! I hope that you have enjoyed these spaces and been inspired to spice up your life a bit, if you are looking for more inspirational interiors you can check out some of my work here, and like always remember it’s all in the details.

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