CT Cottages & Gardens Designed Greenwich with Architectural Minerals

Connecticut Cottages & Gardens hosted Designing Greenwich at The Loading Dock, which featured fine arts and modern antiques, to bespoke fabrics and home accessories.  My favorite find was, the Architectural Minerals display, which was nothing short of enchanting. As a little girl, I would lie on the floor of my living room, flipping through the Atlas, looking for the pages with beautiful pictures of gemstones. It was thrilling to see these stones in real life, and experience the intensity of color and shimmer. My mind has been racing with all of the exciting ideas about how I could use these exquisite pieces, as jewelry in a room setting. Just imagine how pretty these pieces would be displayed on a coffee table, or in a lit shadow box hanging on the wall.

Just looking at these photos, makes me grin from ear to ear, as I marvel at how brilliant Mother Nature is in her creations. I wish all of these pieces were mine! Wouldn’t you love to receive one of these for a Christmas present?

For more Mother Nature inspired designs check out my website, and like always, “it’s all in the details.”

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