Designing Greenwich: A CT Cottages & Gardens Event

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the Connecticut Cottages & Gardens Designing Greenwich event. Each one of these artisans, sets a standard of superb design and quality in their artwork and product. I hope you enjoy and are inspired by the creative pieces here.

Lance Wovens

Beautiful woven leather’s can be used for upholstery, pillows, or area rugs. These are just a few of the weaving patterns and colors that are available.

Megna Glass Inc.

Hand blown glass orbs, look like air bubbles in the water. I would love to see this chandelier over a dining table in a beach house.

Andrianna Shamaris, Inc.

The Teak and Cracked Resin Coffee Table is a very dramatic piece due to the depth of the resin, which resembles a unique quartz crystal with many different facets.

Phyllis Sinrich Photography

These photographs are part of a larger portfolio exploring the unspoken power that mannequins have on us as humans…the subtle ways they influence not only what we buy, but how we see ourselves or how we project our dreams and fantasies.

Lindsey De Ovies Sculpture

I love the exaggerated form of the human body. Each of these pieces by Lindsey De Ovies, make me smile.

Anastassia Bordeau

This painting would look spectacular in a New York City apartment. Anastassia uses incredible discipline with the placement of details and color.

Francine Home Collection

Custom linens are my favorite indulgence. They offer the perfect finishing touch to a bathroom, or bedroom.

All of the items shown above, are pieces that I would love to use in my projects. Each one of them, exemplify how “it’s all in the details”. For ideas on how to use pieces designed by artisans, check out our website here.

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