How 13 Interior Designer’s Picked Their Color Scheme for the CT Governor’s Residence

The People’s Project

13 may be an unlucky number to some, but not if you are one of the 13 lucky designers, as I was, on the “People’s Project.” Designer’s were chosen “by invitation only” to renovate the historic Connecticut Governor’s Residence. The effort was organized and led by Connecticut Cottages & Gardens magazine.

This select group of Interior Designers included: Jamie Drake, Sandra Morgan, Carey Karlan, Susan Bednar Long, Philip Gorrivan, Catherine Cleare, Paula Perlini, Polly Denham, Glenda Moralee, Tricia Izzo, Carolyn Kron, LouAnn Torres and Nick Geragi.

In this exclusive video from Connecticut Cottage & Gardens, Jamie Drake, yours truly, Polly Denham and Glenda Moralee share our inspirations for transforming rooms in the Governor’s Residence. What is common to each of our inspirations is the role color plays when you are renovating a room. Take a look:

Although the renovation of a Governor’s Residence is bigger and more complex than many homes, every home has it challenges. Take it from me; what inspires Interior Designer’s is a challenge.

Other Interior Designers in the “People’s Project” also have blogged about the renovation of the Governor’s Residence. Here’s a great post on renovation from Glenda Moralee’s blog.

I am proud to say I have met every challenge presented to me as an Interior Designer; the Governor’s Residence was just one of the more historic ones. Here are some of the ways I have met challenges in homes like yours.

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