Emerald Green:Color Trend Inspiration!

As promised I have decided to do a continuation from last week’s blog, I have selected a few inspirational spaces which use the color trend Emerald Green. I would like to show to you ideas and ways in which you can introduce this dynamite color into your home whether it be in a more subtle or even a more saturated way.

Laura Britt

One simple and impact full way to introduce a color is through accent walls like has been done in this interior by Laura Britt Designs. Paired with the stark white and the dark chocolate brown this color combo is perfectly harmonious!


Here is a space that has a contemporary “lux” feel, everything is sleek with modern and clean lines. However to add just a hint of energy and life into the room are the additions of the sleek emerald green throw pillows and cushion.  Also to complement the green throws and soften up the look of the room is the simple addition of the pink bouquet. What is great about this space is that it would take seconds to transform the look and completely remove all of the color, or even to add a new color!

Tom Fairley

Tom Fairley has taken this green and used it consistently in the entire space through the textiles and accessories. He has paired it with gold’s and yellow’s toning and warming everything down creating a much softer and welcoming look. As seen here yellow’s and gold’s are a perfect accent color to go along with emerald green if you are trying to find that ideal color match, look no further than here!

Miles Redd

This interior done by Miles Redd is eclectic to the max! He has taken this green and mix-matched it with bold fabrics, prints and introduced new and rich colors.  This is a perfect example of how it is possible to incorporate the emerald green with other colors and prints to create a look that it completely your own.

I hope that you have been inspired by these spaces and have possibly thought about new ways in which you can introduce this fabulous Emerald Green into your home, and most importantly one that suits you. And remember, like always, It’s all in the Details!

If you have any further comments or questions please feel free to contact me here. Or if you would like some more inspirational interiors you can view my work.

Sites Used:

Laura Britt Design

Decor Pad

Miles Redd

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