Want to go on an exclusive house tour?

Nothing thrills an interior designer more than going on a house tour of a home they designed.  Nothing, that is, except when a magazine writes a story and displays a full pictorial of it.

That’s what happened to me this month in the March addition of atHome magazine with a beautiful Sasco Hill home overlooking Long Island Sound.  The house belongs to Joe and Barbara Pierce.

The Sasco Hill home is not the biggest house I’ve done, but it’s one of my favorites.  Each window presents a panoramic view of the Sound, a river, a rolling meadow and the opportunity for creating seating arrangements around another lovely vista.

Let’s take a tour starting at the foyer, where a 20+ foot ceiling is grounded with curvy furniture and a mirror that reflects a dramatic staircase.  Bibelots sit atop the Decorative Crafts console I found at the Wakefield Design Center.

The open arrangement of the first floor, with its high ceilings and simple, strong architectural detail, offer plenty of gathering space.  In the living room, we selected classic furniture with clean lines to create a serene atmosphere.

The kitchen free flows to the other rooms, with expansive built-in surfaces for setting out buffets and snacks, perfect for an easygoing style.  Joe Pierce said “everyone loves to congregate in the kitchen,” so we created an environment that’s perfect for a crowd.

In the dining room, we went for a circular theme from the table by Erika Brunsen, the chairs from Decorative Crafts, to the pendant chandelier by John Rosselli.  For a punch of bright color, we chose aubergine with accessories and painted shelf interiors, but if Barbara and Joe ever decided to change the color palette, they can do it in the blink of an eye.

As many ideas as I came up with for this house, they all played a supporting role to the beauty around it.  A house like this on Sasco Hill should never be over-decorated, you need room to exhale and take in all the beauty that surrounds it.

To read the atHome article, click here.  To see more examples of the interiors of homes I’ve designed, click here.

Did you enjoy the house tour?

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  1. Catherine, I love your blogs! So informative, interesting, and inspirational!

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