Why fabric Is The First Place To Look For Interior Design Ideas

I had an epiphany recently when I discovered a line of fabrics from Jean-Francois Lesage, that takes traditional stitching techniques and reintroduces them in a modern and fresh way.  I was reminded that the details in fabric can be the defining element in a room’s decor.

These custom designed fabrics reflect elements of the architecture, rugs, artwork, and wallpaper so the room is designed as a whole.  Each element in the room relates to the other and shows how techniques used for thousands of years can be done in completely current and modern ways.

This fabric has been hand embroidered with Japanese motifs using silk, bone beads, French basil knots and French couchures. This is a fabulous fabric to use on pillows or upholstery with light use, because it makes such a strong statement just by virtue of the artistic craftsmanship in the stitching techniques.

This fabric sings to me because of its hand embroidered design that looks like crashing waves of the ocean. It has been created using silver beads, chain stitch, bubbles and corals. It uses traditional couture sewing techniques, while still appearing fresh and current. I could see this fabric being used as the deep hem on a skirt of a sofa or a drapery panel.

This fabric is a perfect example of how you can take a 17th century technique of hand knotting rope and make it look contemporary, just imagine what this would look like as a bold stripe down the middle of a chair back and seat.

Here you can see the weaving effect that has been created by the basil beads and hand embroider border. There is a stitching of darker thread beneath the beads to create depth. To me this is ideal for a head board or drapery panel.

To me this Fabric has all of the delicacies of a Sogi Screen in a tea room. The Gold threads and fossiled beads create the tactile design. This would be great for throw pillows or a bed spread.

This fabric with raffia hand embroidered as leaves and grass, has a Japanese inspiration. The three tones of raffia merge together to create depth and motion. This would look incredible as wall panels instead of wallpaper.

This is a hand embroidered cotton voile.  It would be perfect for a window blind; it reminds me of fragility of Chinese porcelain.

All of these fabrics have been custom made by using materials such as Raffia, Bone, glass, crystal, gold silver and copper thread, a dynamite way to take techniques used for thousands of years and make them current and modern.

Interior designer and friend, Barbara Ostrom, believes the vision for the redesign of any room should be one you want to spend time in.  I hope this helps show you how fabrics help make this happen and how, to make a vision come to life in any room, it’s all in the details.

I could talk on about fabrics, but let me ask you, are there interior design topics you would like to hear about?  I’d like to write about them so let me know with a reply below.

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