There’s nothing faux about painted floor rugs

If you think a painted floor rug isn’t a real alternative, think again.  It could be one of the most satisfying decisions you make in decorating a room or a home.  Let me tell you why.

Painted floor rugs are:

  1. Highly practical
  2. Really beautiful
  3. Can look even better as they age
  4. Can be changed out should you decide to do so

Live near a beach? Does an area of the house attract a lot of dirt from outside? Does water in a bathroom ruin a regular rug faster than it should?  Do you have a family member with special needs who could trip or have a hard time moving around on a regular rug?  A painted floor is a highly practical solution.  They are easy to keep clean and very durable.

I once renovated a beautiful home on Corn Neck Road in Block Island.   It sat on 50 acres with a sloping lawn that went all the way to the beach.  While it was great to be on the water, all that sand finding its way into the house was not.

Painted floor rugs were in the hallways just like the one on the right.  Did the owners of this luxury home feel they were making a sacrifice in beauty and aesthetics?  No way.

You might think floor scratches, bleaching from the sun and other effects of age are a big problem.  Actually, these natural signs of wear and tear are a big benefit.  Their patina brings out the beauty and character of the painted floor rug.  It even accentuates the painted weave, just as it would with a well-made and beautifully woven area rug.

What if after a while you decide a painted floor rug doesn’t reflect your personal tastes or a new design grabs your attention?  Nothing to worry about. You just sand out the old one and bring on a new one.

Of course, the person you hire to paint your rug is critical.  Ask to see examples of their work.  Talk about your needs and point out other design characteristics of the room or hallway.

If you work with me, I know great people who do painted floor rugs.  Want to see examples of their work?  You’ve been looking at them as you’ve been reading this blog-post.

Is there an area in your house that would be perfect for a painted floor rug?

If you have questions about the interior design of your house or are intested in the new trend setting designs, visit my website or drop me a comment below.  I’m always looking for topics for my next blog-post.

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