Five Reasons to “Like” Us on Facebook

I am sure you have been asked by a business or brand to “Like” them on Facebook. Do they give you a reason why?  When I started this blog, “Follow the Designer,” it was my goal to share some of my tips and advice from my perspective as an interior designer, to help you make smarter decisions.

Here is a recap of five tips I have talked about, recently. I hope they help you, and teach you something new about interior design to give you a reason to “Like” us on our Facebook page.

TIP #1: SOME FABRICS WORK AS WELL INDOORS AS THEY DO OUTDOORS: If your home has high traffic areas, there are fabrics you might consider for the inside as well as the outside. Take a look at one of them.

Catherine Cleare - indoor/outdoor fabric

Lee Jofa

TIP #2: PICTURES CAN BE WORTH MORE THAN 1000 WORDS: Who said pictures have to be worth only 1000 words, and frames have to be traditional mahogany or gold leaf? Here is an example of a frame, showing how diverse the finish, style, and colors can be.

J. Pocker & Son

TIP #3: RUGS RAISE A ROOM’S VOLUME: Current trends in rugs include patterns with large scale, geometrics, softer Ikat edges, circles, zig zags, and a lot of movement. The colors are saturated, combination colors, citrus, purple, green and red.

J.D. Staron

TIP #4: BENCHES CAN BE THE STANDOUT FEATURE IN ANY ROOM: Who said benches just had to have four plain legs? They provide not only a comfortable place to sit, but function as art that is always fascinating to look at.

Jan Showers

TIP #5: THERE ARE JEWELS TO BE DISCOVERED IN EVERY POWDER ROOM: Because powder rooms are small, I love to treat them as a jewelry box. Here are some of my favorite materials to use in a Powder room to make it look and feel special.

Mosaic Tile Powder Room

Do these give you a reason to “Like” us on our Facebook page? I hope so because we all want to be liked.

More importantly, I hope these interior design tips helped show you how interior design is all in the details, because that is what my interior design philosophy is all about; It’s all in the details.

Will you “Like” us on our Facebook page?

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