The value of good linens and a place where linens are a very good value

Have you ever dreamed about being wrapped in a luscious cocoon of fine linen? No? Well you should. It’s more affordable than you might think to have custom designed and embroidered linens. Fabrizio Biasiolo of Casa Del Bianco hosted a lunch for interior designers to explain the story of linens.

In the 1950’s Ateliers would have the customer come to the salon to design custom pieces. This service is still available today at Casa Del Bianco.  Fabrizio reminds us that you spend 8 hours a day in your bed linens, while sleeping. The difference between clothing and linens is you get gratification and status from wearing designer clothing because it is visible; yet linen has a value because it just feels right. It’s a personal luxury.

Most linen vendors don’t manufacture the product.  Instead, they have collections that are offered once or twice a year, with limited color and pattern options. This means that when you want to replace linens in 5 years they are no longer available. Casa Del Bianco is the manufacturer of their linens and keep all of the fabric and thread color options in their product line.  So the customer can always replace the linens to match the original order.  Each piece is designed from scratch and has the craftsmanship of a tailor. The embroidery design can be anything you choose from the pattern in a fabric, rug, wallpaper to the design in a molding.

Start with selecting the type of fabric you like to sleep on. The quality of fabric determines if the fabric breathes, otherwise you are sleeping on a tablecloth. Where the fabric is finished is critical because it makes the fabric silkier. Italy, Switzerland and France are renowned for their finishing because of the alkaline in the water.

The embroidery thread should be the same fiber content as the fabric to prevent buckling. Don’t be fooled by the Egyptian cotton label because a very small percentage of the cotton comes from Eygpt. Most of the cotton comes from India and China.  Now that I think of it, my visual for Egypt is desserts and pyramids, not cotton plantations.

I can’t imagine buying ready made sheets again, knowing that I can have custom made sheets in the same price range as store bought.

I might have also gotten a little carried away with the pictures but, as you can see, I could talk about linens all day.

Does this change the way you think about linen?  Would you like to know some of my other ideas about linens and fabrics that bring a room to life?

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