Not your grandmother’s indoor/outdoor fabric and carpeting


Stark Fabric – Zen, Sky

If you think indoor/outdoor carpeting is what you see on a miniature golf course, I understand because I once thought that way too.  Not anymore.

Indoor/outdoor fabric and carpeting has done a 180.  Now, the differences are imperceptible with real fabric and carpeting and this ROCKS MY WORLD!

Valtekz – Pebble Grain, Oatmeal

Why? Because indoor/outdoor fabric and carpeting makes possible a new interior look outside your home and adds years to the look of rooms inside your home.  Nothing gets an interior designer more excited than that!

Let me show you what we have to work with now.

This faux leather by Valtekz looks like the real thing.  When I first saw it, I had to turn it over to see it didn’t have the imprint of cowhide on back.


I once saw faux leather on the bridge of a yacht where it looked fabulous even though the rain, sun and seagulls gave it a workout.

I just did a family room in faux leather.  The family had two 125 lbs Burmese mountain dogs and a cat.  It stood up to them.

Old World Weavers – Outdoor Lucretia, Adriatica

Another example is this striped fabric.  It even has the texture of velvet woven into it.

Old World Weavers – Mosaic, Sky

This white matelasse has raised velvet dots in the middle of it.  It looks beautiful in a formal setting.

Grey Watkins – Fern Wood, Blue on Cream

In a less formal setting, I’ve used the large leaf pattern to the left. It was for a teenager’s room where the challenge was to find a material that would look good all through the teen age years. It passed the test.

The fun part is you can make an outdoor porch or patio look as inviting and beautiful as an interior room.  The area rugs below are waterproof so you can put them on an outdoor patio or a high traffic area indoors like a mudroom.

Stark Carpet – Texarkana, Denim

Stark Carpet – Weatheridge, Rawhide

They create a room that is set for years to come indoors or outdoors. All that is required to keep them clean is to hose them off or scrub them with a brush.

Think about the time this gives you to enjoy a beach house or vacation retreat instead of cleaning it.  If you worry about wet, sandy kids or dogs rocketing though, now you can just relax and take in the scenery, not the mess.

Has this changed the way you think about indoor/outdoor fabric and carpeting?  Do you have any rooms in your home you’d like to create or re-create?

Why not leave me a comment below?  I’d love to hear from you.

The companies featured in the images are:

Faux leather by Valtekz

All others fabric and carpeting by Stark


  1. Amazing article. I’ve been reading contents on internet for many days but frankly speaking I never got so fascinating post to read out similar to this one.And yes i have tweeted your site

  2. Matt Palmer

    I know it has been out there a while but the two carpet products shown have Jute in them and are dry clean only. They make a similar product with out the Jute but not these designs of colors.

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