Incorporating Photography into your Home

Photography is a great way to bring personality into your home. It is different from your standard painting, because it can bring in real life textures from Mother Nature, or it can tell a personal story about your life. It can contribute to the overall design of a space, and can even add that finishing touch you are looking for. Here are some great examples of artwork from some amazing photographers, and how these pieces are brought into a space.

Roberto Dutesco Photography & Garret Cord Werner Architects & Designers

Dutesco Art & Garret Cord Werner Architects & Designers

This amazing photograph by Roberto Dutesco called, “The Horses of Sable Island”, is the finishing touch for this Living Room in Seattle. The horse hair texture in the photograph works with the rugged texture of the concrete wall, creating an overall harmony in the room. I especially love the sepia finish of the piece, as it contributes to the overall warmth of the space.

Barbara Erdmann Photography

Barbara Erdmann Photography

I love this photograph by Barbara Erdmann! This photograph, taken in Italy, makes you feel as though you are walking through a garden. A photograph like this sets a serene mood for a room, and can really affect the way people feel while walking through a space. A piece like this would look fabulous in a Bathroom or Breakfast Area.

Paul Schiek Photography & The Office of Charles de Lisle

Paul Schiek Photography & The Office of Charles de Lisle

If you are looking for a different way to display photography other than a wall, than look no further. This digital print was applied with a piece of silk onto the mahogany wood. The photograph by Paul Schiek, brings life to this simple console, and makes for a one-of-a-kind piece; I just love this idea!

Laura Wood Photography & Croma Design Inc

Laura Wood Photography & Croma Design Inc

An abstract photograph like this one, done by Laura Wood, is a great way to incorporate some excitement into a space. I love the use of monochromatic colors in this room. The grey photograph really pops next to the white wall, and creates a statement piece for this room.

I hope you feel inspired to utilize the amazing photographs out in this world. The beauty is that there are so many, which means so many opportunities to make your space unlike any other. If you would like further inspiration you may view my work here or if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.

Remember, like always, It’s All in the Details.

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