For this interior designer, “it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”

Do you remember the commercial for Chiffon margarine featuring Mother Nature? That’s her on the right.  The commercial makes a comparison between Chiffon and butter, and at the end of the commercial, she causes a colossal storm to make the point “it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.”

Well, I have great respect for Mother Nature when it comes to interior design.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that I am obsessed with Mother Nature and in awe of the beautiful creations she makes.

Let me show you why with some pieces that come directly from and are inspired by her.  They try to emulate such things as the beauty of a crashing wave.  I can’t imagine she wouldn’t be pleased with these spectacular pieces she helped design.  I know I wouldn’t want to fool Mother Nature.

Thomas Long’s “Liquid Flora” are custom blown glass sculpture installations that enhance the architecture of any space with vibrant patterns, color and movement.  Look at how this form flowing piece seems to elegantly rest on the wall.

It is a calming and serene sculpture but gives off this energy.  Every custom installation they do is designed to bring out the energy of the space it’s created for.

The wood grain of Peter Sandback’s drum tables bring the detailed beauty and intricacy of a tree, displayed with the clean lines and simplicity of the piece.  It’s a perfect marriage between rustic and elegance.

This chandelier from Water Pressure Lighting is such a delicate looking piece. It’s light and airy appearing to float in the space, like sea anemones floating in the ocean or a hat picked up by the wind blowing along.

The form is so well balanced going from small to large and repeating it in the orange lower hanging charms.  Look at the detail and beauty.  Just imagine how beautiful this piece would be at night with the light shimmering through it!  It almost appears as if it could be dancing like swan lake.

This vanity top from Green River Stone Company is like having a piece of history and nature right in your bathroom or wherever you can imagine in your home. Vanity tops are made from our fossil stone and offer function, beauty, and high design in a most natural material.

What a beautiful display of Mother Nature’s magnificence. Not only did she create such beauty but she found a way to encapsulate it for the future to see and appreciate. The turtle looks so elegant, peaceful and delicate.

I think interior design is all about celebrating the wonders of Mother Nature whenever possible. You can see it in my work by clicking here.

After all, you wouldn’t want to fool with Mother Nature, would you?

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