How an Interior Designer Makes Pictures Worth More Than a 1000 Words

Who says pictures have to be worth only 1000 words, and frames have to be traditional mahogany or gold leaf? Here are some examples of frames, showing how diverse the finish, style, and colors can be. When selecting frames for your artwork, mirrors, or photos, consider using a frame that not only relates to the item being framed, but also to the room that it is being placed in. These frames and many more are available from J. Pocker.


This Zipper Frame would be perfect for the Harley rider to insert their beloved motorcycle photo’s.

Arabesque #1

Arabesque #2

The three elements to this design motif of calligraphy, geometry and vegetation, are all found in these Arabesque frames.


I have been dying to design an Adirondack style house. I have picked out one of the frames I would like to use, now I just need the project.

Leather Bridle

Can’t you just smell the sweaty horse when you look at this frame? Surely, Ted Turner could use this frame for a mirror, in one of his ranches.


Tortoise shell finish is timeless and elegant. This would look great in a man’s library.

Purple Harlequin

Both the purple color, and the Harlequin pattern, make this a fun and whimsical frame.


I love the organic shape of this frame. It would be perfect around the Grand Canyon photo, that I will have at the end of my summer vacation.

I like to bring out everything that I can in a room, and picture frames are an easy and elegant way to make a room come to life.

Would you like to see some other rooms I have made come to life?

Does this make you think a picture can be worth more than 1000 words?

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