How an Interior Designer Goes With and Against the Grain

The selection of a wood floor is one of the most considered and concerning decisions I see with clients. I certainly understand because of the expense. Maybe I can put your mind at ease and make you feel more confident by letting you in on the most current trends; Let me try.

Gray finishes on oak floors are a huge trend.  This white washed rift and quarter sewn white oak has a more natural oil finishing system which makes it great for any space, from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

If a little less grain is more your taste, this Paris Ceramic flooring is a more opaque version of the flooring above. There is less of a natural wood effect and more of an opaque stain applied to the grain of the wood.

Another popular floor is the Watermill Walnut from Carlisle which embodies a very natural distressing but also a timeless aged appearance.  Traditional and timeless is always trendy.

This light, bright and durable wood floor from Paris Ceramics uses the same kind of paint that is applied on bowling alleys. You get a terrific glossy finish that will endure a high traffic area.  It could easily go from a beach house to a pent house.

Harringbone is a huge trend and I just love the eased edges in the antique wood floor.  It  gives a wonderful warmth and patina to the room.  Flooring by Exquisite Surfaces.

Believe me, when it comes to wood floors, I agonize as much about the decisions as you do.  Since for me, it’s all in the details, it is helpful to see what is out there.  Did this help you?

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