What item in a room stops you in your tracks? For me, it is hand blown glass chandeliers


The items that light up a room, like a chandelier, tend to steal the show. If you have ever seen a hand blown glass chandelier, you have seen a real show stopper.  If you have not, you are in for a treat because I have some to share.  They mesmerize me by just looking at them.

Whatever is the season outside, the etched glass detail of Moshe Bursuker creates the effect of a winter wonderland with a rich color pallette.  I love the ornament shapes and colors since they can be mixed and matched into any custom color to fit a room’s decor.

Image Pendants by MOSHE BURSUKER


Rock Pendants Lights by Jamie Harris Studio LLC

Jamie Harris Studios has the organic free form shape like melting glass molten in motion.  The pieces have a perfect spatial relationship with one another.  In this case, three is definitely not a crowd.


Lindsey Adelman, Bubble Series is really fun and reminds me of a branch on a tree with flower blossoms on the end.  It is very organic and sculptural with its free form glass globes at the end.

North Rim Glass has taken something we recognize as animal antlers and turned it into this sleek, contemporary hand blown glass piece. Antler chandeliers are usually very traditional but they have transformed it into a contemporary work of art.

Black Antler Chandelier by NORTH RIM GLASS STUDIO, LLC

Saturno Pendant by JOSEPH PAGANO

Joseph Pagano has taken a traditional fortuny style chandelier, which is usually made out of silk fabric, and has reinvented the classic style and shaped it out of glass.

I get goose bumps when I look at items like these because they are great examples of how interior design is art and interior design is art.  For examples of work on our website that also fit bill, click here.

Did these hand-blown glass chandeliers stop you in your tracks?  Let me know!

The companies featured in the images are:

Droplets and Image Pendants by  Moshe Bursuker

Rock Pendants Lights by Jamie Harris.

Bubble Series by Lindsey Adelman Studio.

Black Antler Chandelier by North Rim Glass Studio, LLC

Saturno Pendant by Joseph Pagano. 

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