The Result When an Interior Designer Listens to Client’s

When Joe and Barbara Pierce, my clients, bought their house in Southport, CT lured by the views of a golf course and a harbor, Joe, who grew up in Scotland, said he found their dream home. But the Pierces wanted the inside of the house to be as captivating as the outside. “Something traditional with a contemporary flair,” they told me.Living room

The living room was a great place to start. “We never used the living room in our previous house. We don’t need a room just sitting there looking pretty.” Barbara said. “But this living room has a calming effect. Our designer, Catherine Cleare, used the colors of nature – beige, soft blues and greens – to blend the inside of the house with the outside.”

The dining room had fabulous views. “I don’t care whether the weather is storm or snow,” according to Joe. “The view from every room and every angle is terrific brought out from Katy’s sense for design and appreciation for the details.” Once you walk into the house from the entry foyer, you see the first floor is one big open floor plan.  “This is a very calming house,” Barbara say. “I wanted easy living and working with Katy was a godsend. Designing, building, and furnishing a new house can be daunting, but with Katy’s guidance, it was effortless and beautiful. Her eye for design and color is truly amazing. Katy has become not only my designer, but my friend.”

Anyone who spends two years looking for a house like the Pierce’s did, has a vision. It is my job to listen and bring that vision to life. When designing a home, I have learned that the journey always begins by listening to the client’s needs and wants.

I enjoy listening to people talk about their vision. Can I show you some other ways I have listened to my clients?


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