Design solutions for the color commitment phobic

It’s always interesting to see what colors catch on, especially when you’re an interior designer.  If you’re into colors like I am, but don’t want to commit to just one, here are great ways you can design your space and be able to change it up without breaking the bank.

You can design an elegant and sophisticated space that uses fun, current colors that can be changed without a huge financial investment.

Let me show you what I mean with these orange inspired rooms.

Take a look at this space designed by Jennifer Post, it uses clean lines, simple accents and pops of orange that can easily be changed by replacing the table settings and chairs.

This beach cottage designed by Kay Douglass is located on Alys Beach in Florida. It went from bland to snappy with the simple additions of orange accents on the white color scheme.

The use of orange here is more minimal, but they sure do make this chocolate and white room by Christina Murphy Interiors pop.

Orange and Fuchsia were “Flower Power” colors of the sixties. Look at how this room designed by Eileen Katherine Boyd Interiors uses these colors in an elegant and sophisticated way.

This room design by Massucco Warner Miller reminds me of a cream-sickle. We see the power of the complimenting blue and orange color scheme.

This dynamite and courageously designed room from Jonathan Adler would be perfect for a young socialite; they call it the Barbie Malibu Dream House.  I can’t wait until Ken sees it.

Here are some other ways I add colors and accents into rooms.

What color would you like to use in your home?

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