How to Raise a Room’s Volume with the Latest Trends in Rugs

Luxury designer’s have access to the design trends first. The extraordinarily talented Jakub Staron, presented to a select group of designer’s, some of the rugs he has designed recently, that reflect the most current design trends. Jakub is renowned for dynamic product development using unconventional mixtures of materials, while putting a twist on very classic things; taking the antique out of its context and putting it in a whole new context.

These trends include patterns with a large scale, geometrics, softer Ikat edges, circles, zig zags, and a lot of movement. The colors are saturated, combination colors, citrus, purple, green and red. The materials have metallic and lurex combinations for texture and sheen, glamorizing the natural, by adding sparkle.


A lovely example of the Ikat influence that is so prevalent in today’s designs.


Believe it or not, this rug is made from recycled Sari silk.


The silver sparkle yarn in this Zebra print, takes a classic and reinvents it in a whole new way.


I love the sculpted pattern of this black and white Damask rug.


This magnificent carpeting actually has Swarovski crystals set into it. I have a sample of this in my office that makes me smile every time that I walk by it because it sparkles like diamonds, and you know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend; and so are rugs, that is, the right rugs.

Carpeting represents the foundational element of a room. Once you have the right rug, you can take a room in any direction you choose to bring out all of the great details from every piece that is added. You know for me, it’s all in the details.

Does this demonstrate to you how carpeting raises the volume in a room?

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