Reinventing Timeless Antiques

We were recently featured on the New England Home Design Blog Website, as a guest blogger. They have an eye for great design, and being a guest blogger, was very special to us; I hope you enjoy!

Often in the design world, people tend to be focused on creating looks that are entirely trendy. Currently, most of the trends lean toward the sleek and modern. The problem with designing spaces that are completely trendy and current, however, is that everything comes in and goes out of style. What’s beautiful today might look dated in a few short years. The cure for this is a more eclectic design scheme, one that blends the au courant with the classic. What I love the most is being able to incorporate and reinvent timeless pieces into new and modern interiors. To me, this is great design. I have selected a few spaces which showcase ways that antique and traditional pieces have been incorporated in fresh and current ways, creating a look that will withstand the test of time. I hope you enjoy!

Jonathan Adler

I am so in love with everything about this space by Jonathan Adler. All of the antique furniture and accessories that have been selected are perfectly paired and updated with modern, fresh, bright colors and fabrics. The finishes and materials being used are perfect. Between the mirrored furniture, transparent acrylic and the tufted velvet ottoman, this space has such a rich feel to it, while not appearing heavy.

Alexa Hampton

Alexa Hampton has modernized the design of this space by adding an unexpected, funky animal print fabric, along with modern art. These small touches have added life and given the space a more current feel. Here is a perfect way in which you can totally transform the look of a traditional room, filled with classic furniture pieces.

Timothy Whealon

By using bright white and calming, warm colors paired with antique furniture, Timothy Whealon has been able to achieve a simply beautiful space, that will surely withstand the test of time.

Amanda Nisbet Design

Here is an example of how you can use artwork to update a traditional look, from Amanda Nisbet Design. The traditional sofa, wallpaper and antique chandelier have been given a more current look when paired with the contemporary art hung on the wall. Another element that gives a fresh look in this space is the contemporary stenciling on the floor.

Catherine Cleare Interiors, LLC

The contemporary mirror, sconce and accessories lighten up the formality of the traditional chair and console. The sea glass blue faux-painted walls add a casual essence to the room.

I hope that you have enjoyed the journey through these spaces and have a new admiration for mixing traditional and contemporary pieces! Remember, like always, it’s all in the details.

-Catherine Cleare

Catherine Cleare is an interior designer in Westport, Connecticut. She understands the importance of your space and the degree to which it should reflect exactly who you are, down to the very last detail. She has spent her career turning people’s ideas and dreams in to design reality. Years of study and practice allow her to move comfortably from contemporary to classic styles, while considering everything in between.

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