Rethinking wood floors

My guess is, when you read blogs with new ideas on interior design, you expect to be delighted but also expect to spend a lot money.

The goal of this post is to delight you with ideas.  But I want to show you how to save a significant amount of money.  The topic is wood floors, like the one on the right.

If you think wood floors depend on the quality of the wood and choices like pine, oak, white oak, maple, cherry maple or laminate, think again.  Wood quality does play an important part, but so does what you do with it.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Did you know the floor uptop is blow-torched.  That’s right.  Blow-torched.  Why?  The effect from a little blow-torching brings out the accents in the wood and gives the floor a rustic, historic look.

Here’s another secret and one of my favorites.  Wood stenciling.  Before you rip out a perfectly good, high-quality, wood floor and spend a small fortune using intricate pieces of wood for that tiled or parqued look, think about stenciling a wood floor.


These pictures are from our house.  All of them are the original floor with wood stencil designs.  If I didn’t point it out, I’ll bet you’d never know.  And the design were as limitless as my imagination.

Instead of spending a lot of money on wood, labor and disruption, we spent a much smaller amount on stain and stencil designs.

From all of these pictures, it might look like I got carried away with wood stencilling; maybe I did.  Maybe it’s because I like the way it looks; maybe once I got started, I saw all the many possibilities; maybe I realized I didn’t have to spend a lot to have beautiful looking wood floor.

Does this change your thinking about wood floors.  Would like some ideas about what could be done in your home? Just leave a reply to this blog and I’ll let you know.

Hope this teaches you something new about interior design ideas for your home.