Sizzling in the Summer Heat a Designer Finds Inspiration!

Now that the summer is here I have been so inspired by all of the bright and fun colors I have been seeing around. If you are looking for ways to brighten up your life with the warmth of the summer sun, check out some of these great products which are excellent ways of bringing summer into the home!

Caleb Siemon

I just love these lighting fixtures, they remind me of the perfect combination between a melting Popsicle and the summer sunset!

Sklo Studio

These vessels remind me of melting straws on a hot day! How perfect would these be to store flowers, they are so cute and would add just the right amount of charm to any room.  They are a line of irregular bent cylindrical vases, you can clearly see the process of the glassblowing detail. Each piece is unique in color, shape and form.

Sklo Studio

Another collection from SkLO are these coils, they are just brilliant! They remind me of the bendy straws that I used to sip on in the summer as a child. This design showcases the inimitable clarity and thickness of Czech glass; the intertwining groups of three coils capture the kinetic movement in time. I was surprised to learn that they are made by blowing and stretching long tubes and then wrapping them around forms. These are just so creative and would be the perfect accessory to add to any summer table setting!

I hope all of these accessories have inspired you to bring the summer warmth into your home and you continue to enjoy the beautiful weather!

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me here and remember, It’s all in the details.

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Caleb Siemon


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