Need to add classic design to a room? Think of adding a vaulted ceiling.

The “moment of truth” for interior designers occurs when we first walk into a room.  Although we often see all sorts of possibilities, what do we do if we feel boxed in?

Here’s what I do.  I look up to find the answer; that is, to the ceiling.

As a rule, ceiling are monotonous and flat but they don’t have to be.  They can be changed to make people look up with awe and delight.  In fact, a ceiling is probably the easiest place to add distinct elements of architecture to a room and introduce classic design.


I’m a big believer in vaulted ceilings to add beautiful detail, imaginative design, concave shapes and wood or faux painted finishes.

The images in this post are some of the vaulted ceilings I’ve done.  Look how they give a more solid, classic, nuanced look, definitely not monotoned.

I’ve seen people amazed by the effects achieved with a custom designed ceiling.  The use of light and accents create the impression that they’re in a room of great significance.  A precious find.  In fact, they are, because it has a wonderful vaulted ceiling made to bring out the character of the space.

I like to think of a ceiling as a 5th wall.   Why would you leave the ceiling, or the 5th wall bare?  Just because the 5th wall is located up from the others doesn’t make it any less important.  I think it’s the wall that differentiates the room

Interested to try in your home? Check here for a little more inspiration.

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