Why tassels and trims are timeless for an interior designer


Even though tassels and trim may be linked back to the Renaissance age, it still occupies a timeless place in an Interior Designer‘s imagination.

Jazzy by Houles

Tassels and trims offer a lot of possibilities for me, as my philosophy to Interior Design is, “It’s all in the details.” For example, just about every room today contains curtains and pillows in the space. But what makes a curtain or a pillow an art piece? It would be the small details around them.  Tassels and trims can make a plain curtain come to life.

Loko by Houles

Houlès trimming are known for their originality and high quality. Houlès trimmings revive classic designs, and offer contemporary creations for the modern, hip and stylish generations.

Roger Thomas Collection by Samuel & Sons

Samuel & Sons Passementerie line has been one of the greatest sources for the finest quality trimmings such as tassels, borders, braids, gimp, fringes and more. With their unique artful design, they have created one of the finest collections with diverse materials such as silk, wool, grass and wood.

New Collection by Houles

Classics are interpreted with a new twist, and traditional items are given a new life.  Samuel & Sons has more than 15,000 items to choose from.

If you are someone like me who likes to enhance function with design and turn design into art, the collections from Samuel & Sons and Houlès are tailor made for my craft.

Roger Thomas Collection by Samuel & Sons

Did this help you to look at tassels and trims in a new light, or help you find some new uses in your rooms?  If you are thinking of doing some Interior Design work in your home, and want to consider some further ideas from us that include tassels and trim, just click here.

Roger Thomas Collection by Samuel & Sons

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