Trend Setting Designs: Candy walls!

Taste the Rainbow! I love this new trend that I have been seeing of Lacquered walls; they truly appear as if candy has been applied to the walls. They add such a nice depth and can transform any dull room to looking more current, modern and sleek.

In this space, the light gray blue is almost similar to that of a mirror, not only does this light tone brighten the space it also enhances its reflective quality really opening up the room, this would be the perfect application for a smaller room.

I love this tasty blue berry color! Everything in this room reads sleek; the cream upholstery with pops of blue really adds excitement to the space.

On the contrary, in this space all of the color has been added in the furniture and upholstery while still using the lacquered peacock blue walls to add an extra element of surprise to the room.

I just love the candy orange in this room, a perfect example of how you can mix a more classic elegant feel with a touch of a fresh young vibe. The more delicate upholstery, chandelier and accent moldings throughout the space have been paired with the sleek reflective table as well as the bright orange walls really  creating an more updated and energetic feel.

This room to me has such vibrancy and energy! The deep cobalt blue walls along with the accents of the complementary yellow and gold are such a good contrast. This is such a great example of how you can have so many design elements added to a room while still reading cohesive.

For a more simplistic and minimalistic approach; if you are one wanting a more neutral and clean color palate, white or cream lacquered walls are perfect! The bright yellow rug also adds a great zing into the space while still looking fresh and clean.

If you are one trying to create a rich and dramatic look, lacquered walls and ceilings in deep saturated colors like this are for you. To offset and brighten up the all black furniture, flooring and moldings, these walls have done the trick! They do such a great job of adding drama and depth into the space while also helping to brighten and liven everything up.

I hope that these images have inspired you and possibly put some ideas into your head for the next time you paint a room, remember like always it’s all in the details!

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