Follow the designer with her hot glue gun

I started blogging about interior design because I wanted to give you ideas for your home by sharing some of mine and my interior design adventures.

As an interior designer works with fabrics, materials, colors and shapes, I knew for blogging I would have to work with a wide range of tools too – words, images and, in this post, a video.

My interior design philosophy is that every room should have a one-of-a-kind piece in it. In this video, I share some of the one-of-kind pieces I have created with natural items from my immediate surroundings.

They are pieces that stand out in a room, but, just as important, they bring back memories of my upbringing, daily walks and love of the world around me. As you’ll see, I can find beauty even in “road kill.”

Does this give you any ideas for one-of-a-kind pieces in rooms of your home? Shoot me (sorry, couldn’t resist the gun metaphor) a comment below or click here.

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