If Walls Could Talk, They Would Tell You the Latest Trend Setting Designs

Wallcovering, as opposed to wallpaper, is a contemporary phrase meant to let you know that background finishes can be used on walls to transform a room to be hip, current and on trend.

You no longer need to have an image for walls, like in your Grandmother’s house; not that there is anything wrong with Grandma’s house, but let me show you what I mean.

This hand colored leather wall tile from John Rosselli replicates the skin of an alligator. This would look incredible in a library for a very masculine feel.

This flocked wallcovering from Carlucci di Chivasso has a raised velvet design to create the illusion of wood grain. I find this very amusing because they have taken an organic subject and used a formal and elegant technique to create this pattern. This would be incredible on the Living Room walls of a Pied-à-terre.

This wallcovering, also from Carlucci di Chivasso, mimics a pressed tin ceiling, with a pearlized finish. To me, this would fit perfectly in a formal kitchen.

A raised, three dimensional effect in this wallcovering from Weitzner Limited, creates terrific shadow lines and depth. It can be painted any color or finish; I would love to see this done in a multi-layered metallic finish in the Foyer.

This wallcovering from SJW Studios feels very organic like bamboo or grass. It would look terrific in a casual setting such as a beach house or the inside of book shelves in need of a punch of style.

The hand embroidered flowers in this wallcovering from Fromental is intensely elegant. It would look spectacular in a Dining Room; the light from a chandelier would glisten off of the silk threads, bringing the flowers to life.

This would be amazing for the back splash in a bar area. It is made by Philip Jeffries from authentic natural stone that is excavated from a slate quarry. The variations in the stone add to the natural beauty and feel for the wallcovering.

So listen to what the walls in your home are saying to you;  or, if you would like me to help listen and bring it out with you, just let me know.  Just like there are Horse Whisperers, I like to think of myself as a bit of a Wall Whisperer.

If you would like to see why, look at some of my “whisperings.”

Do you think wallcoverings might be better for your home than wallpaper?

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