What about custom lamp shades?

Many people take painstaking steps to hang a picture at eye level.  Why?  If we place something at eye level, it’s more likely to get noticed.  And, if it gets noticed, it’s more likely to create that “Wow” we all want when someone walks into a room.

Yet, we often overlook the one item in every room that is always at eye level and, when we use a little imagination, has an incredible “Wow” factor.

The lamp shade.

There are so many ways this versalite item, often taken for granted as being ordinary and utilitarian, can be turned  into something that transforms a room.  Here are 5 ways I think about lamp shades and why custom lamp shades make sense.

  1. LET’S START WITH SHAPES: The primary ones are cones and drums but we’re just getting started.
  2. LET’S TALK ABOUT MATERIALS AND FABRICS: Some of my considerations are leather, parchment, silk and linen.   Then, there’s the stitching and patterns that give the lamp that special character.  Like this one on the left.
  3. LET’S ACCENT WITH BORDERS: What’s on the top and the bottom of a lamp shade make not only the lampshade, but the lamp.  Look at what was done on the lamp below for instance.
  4. LET’S SHINE THE LIGHT: A custom lampshade is used to bring out what light can do for a room.  They let light shine through the fabric, block light, spotlight the base or accent a particular part of the room with light.
  5. LET’S TURN A LAMP INTO A PIECE OF ART: As you can see from any of these photos, the base of any lamp shouldn’t be viewed as support for the bulb, but as an opportunity to showcase something special, valuable or quirky.  Something that has personality. Combined with right lamp shade, the two elements work together to create something truly unique.

When designing a room, don’t overlook a custom lamp shade.  For the extra money you spend, it can be a high value item for creating that “Wow” factor.

Is a custom lamp shade worth considering to you?  Take one last look at this one to your right and let me know what you think.

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